EcoWater Industries LLC, (“dba EcoWerks”) Has Been Acquired by The Amlon Group

EcoWater Industries LLC, (“dba EcoWerks”) Has Been Acquired by The Amlon Group

Marjory Loebe

March 10, 2024

February 09, 2024 (Houston, TX) Gilbert & Pardue LLC (“GaP”) acted as exclusive sell-side advisor for EcoWater Industries LLC, (“dba EcoWerks”) of Port Arthur, Tx in their sale to The Amlon Group (“Amlon”) of Plano, TX and New York, NY. The deal closed on January 31, 2024.

The consolidation of Amlon and EcoWerks represents more than just a business transaction; it signifies a step forward in the pursuit of innovative, eco-conscious solutions to waste management challenges. By harnessing synergies between the two entities, Amlon aims to not only streamline operations but also drive advancements in waste-to-value processing, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

About the Companies

The Amlon Group (“Amlon”)

With over four decades of experience in the field of waste management, The Amlon Group is an environmental solutions company, on a mission to redefine sustainability in waste management. They help their customers find effective and environmentally sound solutions to their specific industry's needs and challenges.

“Amlon’s” services range from treating liquid byproducts to material recovery to oil-bearing material renewal and recycling. Using a wide range of specialized, state-of-the-art equipment, which meets their client’s particular needs and requirements and offers full-service support. Their facilities are capable of handling large-scale recycling and reclamation as well as safe disposal of hazardous materials across many industrial sectors. Mark Wayne, Chief Executive Officer of Amlon, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration of EcoWerks into the Amlon family, emphasizing the newfound potential it brings. "We are excited for EcoWerks to join the Amlon team," he stated. "Our expanded processing capabilities, increased capacity, permits, and resources will help better serve each of our respective customers and support future growth."

Ecowater Industry LLC (“EcoWerks”)

“EcoWerks” is an Industrial Environmental Company focused on oil/water processing and recovery as well as industrial cleaning. For more than 18 years “EcoWerks” has stood as an industrial waste-to-value processor, specializing in a spectrum of services including wastewater treatment, industrial equipment cleaning, and oil recovery. The Company has provided turn-key environmental solutions and support services to their clients’ business operations in almost all environmental, industrial, and marine areas.

Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors (“GaP”)

Founded by Bret Pardue and Matt Gilbert, Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors (GaP) is a Houston-based boutique advisory firm serving lower middle and middle market business owners from coast to coast through representation for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). “We are grateful for the confidence the owners of EcoWerks placed in GaP to find the most suitable acquirer for their fine company,” stated Bret Pardue, GaP’s Deal Team Leader for the process. Pardue added, “We’re confident that Amlon is perfectly suited to offer great career opportunities for the owners and employees of EcoWerks as well as operate a sustainable, multidimensional industrial wastewater recycling and disposal facility that will benefit industry located in the Texas Golden Triangle and surrounding areas for decades to come.”

Gilbert & Pardue – GaP Transaction Advisors

Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors is a Houston-based business advisory firm serving lower middle market business owners from coast to coast through representation for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Matt Gilbert and Bret Pardue established GaP to provide owners of businesses generally enjoying annual revenue of $10-$80 million with the quality of M&A representation and value-enhancement services previously only available to upper middle and large businesses. GaP brings highly-experienced executives, sophisticated financial and marketing products, proven-effective processes, and fully-integrated expertise to every engagement.

For more information, contact:

GaP Transaction Advisors

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