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Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling Your Business

At GaP, we approach every sale with the end in mind. Understanding your vision for the sale and beyond is critical for structuring a campaign to meet your goals. When selecting the right broker, we encourage you to consider these questions: Will this broker be working to achieve my goals or theirs? Does this broker field an experienced, multi-disciplined team or an individual with a few helpers? Does the size and type of my transaction match this broker’s definition of a great “deal,” or am I significantly smaller or larger than their ideal client?

Understanding all of these variables matters, they will affect your results, and you deserve representation whose talent and compensation are well-aligned with achieving your goals.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring Businesses

Nothing beats personal experience! And in this case, what matters is the decades of experience our founders have as independent business owners. We are skilled at engaging in constructive dialogue with the owners of businesses you wish to acquire because we have been these same owners. We’re in the club! Corporate M&A teams and investment bankers often struggle to get results in the lower middle market because they’ve never walked in those shoes. If you’re conducting an acquisition campaign, you owe yourself a conversation with GaP to see how we are different.

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Fractional CFO Services

Accounting and Finance Solutions

Achieving excellence in the core accounting and financial management functions of your business is imperative if you are to reach or exceed your financial goals. While every company needs an experienced and capable CFO, most medium-sized businesses can’t afford one. GaP meets this demand through its Fractional CFO service. Our “part time” CFOs are affordable, highly experienced, and qualified, and they are equipped with the tools and processes necessary to address the myriad financial and accounting challenges you face.

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Advisory Board, Executive Coaching, & Consulting Services

Leverage Our Experience to Unlock Hidden Value

At some point, you will exit your business. When you do, will your business command a sale price that allows you to enjoy the same or better lifestyle than you enjoy now all throughout your retirement years? It has been our experience that more often than not, the answer to that question is “no.” There are a variety of factors that devalue a business. The most prevalent are: insufficient current profitability; lack of sustainable top- and bottom-line growth; overreliance on one customer, one employee (typically you), or one vendor; lack of recurring revenues; lack of a demonstrated effective management team; and lack of tools for measuring performance.

GaP addresses these and other “value challenges” through its Advisory Board, Executive Coaching, and Consulting services. We provide experienced executives that have successfully exited businesses and have been “in your shoes.” We know where to look for unrealized or untapped value, and we know how to unlock that value potential in a manner that allows you to realize substantially-increased earnings and/or increased equity at sale.

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What Others Are Saying
Wealth Planner

In my business, our clients are expecting us to take a vested interest in their success. Our first introduction of GaP to a client met every expectation we had hoped for. GaP is a very transparent, focused, and capable organization which helps support business owners in the journey through transition. I believe it starts with their desire to see the client be successful. I look forward to a continued relationship with their organization.

What Others Are Saying
Client's CPA

Bret Pardue represented a very important client of mine as broker. My client not only received unparalleled brokerage service, but as a much welcomed bonus, they also gained invaluable information from Bret’s seasoned experience as past CEO and founder of a successful, larger business enterprise. When we first met with Bret, he listened to my client to determine if they were in the right mode and business cycle for acquisition. He asked poignant, detailed questions to assess my client’s needs. Once it was agreed it was indeed a good time to sell, Bret took the deal by its horns and walked us through the process seamlessly from start to finish. Bret’s due-diligence preparation guidance and shedding of light on potential risks that might loom ahead were on-point advice for multiple concerns my client had through this big transaction.

What Others Are Saying
Middle Market Business Owner

How is Matt Gilbert different? He doesn't have an MBA in business administration or finance. He doesn't come from one of the large local private equity firms. He has been a business operator, with his own 'skin' in the game, in several businesses that had improved earnings and sold. In my mind, he has a better chance of understanding me than anyone else I have met. In the process of deciding whether or not it was time to sell several years ago, I took about a month and went around to visit every Houston-based private equity firm and M&A lawyer I could get to meet with me. I had some quality visit time with almost all of them. Many of them stayed in touch. However, I have chosen Matt Gilbert to 'TRUST' finding me one last partner, so that my life's work doesn't just disappear.

What Others Are Saying
M&A Specialist Attorney

Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors (GaP). GaP exhibits vast practical experience and a very good understanding of the market, regardless of industry. Their ability to walk the client through the process, both from a timing and pricing standpoint is invaluable.  Their firm is our go-to firm for middle market companies that want to be brokered to potential strategic and financial buyers.

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SBA Preferred Lender

Many business brokers will get a seller’s hopes up with unrealistic valuations or sales prices…and then they may charge a slew of fees for marketing, financial review, legal, etc. before getting any interest from buyers. In those cases, it is possible the business brokers make their money up front without regard to the seller’s prospects of selling the business. Because the price is not realistic, they may never get serious traction. This doesn’t happen with GaP. Another thing GaP does that I find unique is their cultivation of relationships with buyers (even if inactive) so that they may be able to privately sell a business without openly advertising it for sale. This can be incredibly valuable to a seller requiring utmost discretion. Most business brokers balk at the amount of work it takes to develop relationships with inactive buyers. GaP welcomes the opportunity.

What Others Are Saying
Concierge Business Banker

I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I have been with Matt Gilbert and the team associated with Gilbert & Pardue. I have been in banking for over 30 years and have had many opportunities to assess the trustworthiness and professionalism of clients and their businesses. Without doubt, after visiting with Matt Gilbert, I felt I could recommend and refer him to any of my clients who might have need of an advisory expert as relates to their business. He has proven that my impression was not only correct, but he has continued to prove that his years of experience have enabled him to create a network of people and businesses who rely on his ability to guide them in the right direction and to pull together the components they need to achieve their goals. Anyone who seeks counsel from Matt and his team are in good hands!

What Others Are Saying
Wealth Advisor

My clients are often nearing retirement age, with no suitable heir to their business and a desire to sell. What many don't understand is that business owners’ businesses are like their babies. They created and nurtured the entity from its infancy and simply want to ensure the business goes to someone that will take care of it like they did. Matt understands this well from his own personal experience of creating, owning, and selling businesses. As a financial advisor looking to provide my clients with a seamless and enjoyable retirement, Matt and his team have been instrumental in assisting my clients with their business transaction needs at a level of service that exceeds our expectations.

What Others Are Saying
Business Owner - Fractional CFO Client

As a new business owner, I was not familiar with what an M&A firm does. When I first learned of GaP and the M&A services they provide, I thought that they just assisted in selling and buying companies. However, after speaking with them, I quickly learned that they help companies with a variety of services to become more successful, whether they are ready to sell or not. A prime example of this is the fractional CFO services they provide. We really needed that financial leadership when it came to financial modeling and cash flow forecasting. This has enabled us to grow. GaP will guide you towards thinking about aspects of your business that you are unable to think about simply because you are too busy in the business itself.

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