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Matt Gilbert

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31+ years as Founder, Partner, President, CEO, & Shareholder

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Major shareholder in 2 businesses that were acquired by Fortune 500 companies

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Direct interaction with private equity as a seller and buyer

Matt Gilbert is a Founding Partner of Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors (GaP). With more than 31 years of experience as Partner/President/CEO/Shareholder of successful middle and lower middle market businesses, Matt has a wealth of experience in transactions where his ownership, livelihood, and personal funds were at stake. He brings GaP clients the perspective of having been “in their shoes” when evaluating the sale of a business as well as assessing acquisitions, taking on debt, restructuring personnel and processes, and other strategic business decisions.

Mr. Gilbert has committed himself to building a firm capable of bringing “Investment Banking Quality” services and attention to business owners in the lower middle market. During each of his successful exits as a business owner, Matt struggled to find a broker whose interests were aligned with his and those of the other shareholders. Having faced this scenario multiple times, Matt has gained the understanding of an owner’s plight when selling assets and equity. Guiding business owners/partners to convert the intangible wealth they have created on financial statements into actual cash for funding the next phase of life is his goal in every sell-side transaction.

The experience gained working as a management stakeholder in several middle and lower middle market companies has led Mr. Gilbert to a rare position among today’s business brokers. Just prior to GaP, Matt conducted a 15-month search to find an established company with much growth potential. By partnering with a private equity firm, he was able to purchase majority control of a decades-old glazing contractor. He served as CEO for the freshly-recapitalized venture, and the company experienced rapid growth through the execution of both facility expansion and product upgrades. Gaining local “Fast 100” acclaim and national “Industry Mover” recognition, the company’s sales doubled within 12 months and continued to climb. The founders were provided with an exit plan, and the private equity firm had a base organization from which to conduct targeted acquisitions and pursue regional growth. After the ownership transfer and culture pivot, the business was in good hands. The long-term shareholders then bought out Matt’s interest.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gilbert sold three companies in separate transactions. One of these was an environmental remediation and waste management company which Matt founded, led through rapid growth, and then merged with another start-up in the same space. Continued organic growth and strategic acquisitions made this company an attractive acquisition itself for an S&P 500 public company, and the business was sold in 2015. Another of Matt’s companies was sold to a private equity firm, and the third to a fortune 200 public company back in 1997.

Successfully unlocking pent-up value trapped in privately-held businesses has become a passion for Mr. Gilbert. Today, he dedicates himself to helping GaP clients plan, market, and execute strategic sales of their privately-held businesses and assists motivated buyers with locating and successfully acquiring these types of companies. Additionally, Matt provides growth-strategy consultation to professional buyers and sellers.

When not busy with GaP, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, along with serving in his church and on non-profit Boards. He has a deep passion for college football and looks forward to traveling with family and friends.

You can reach Matt on his cell phone at 713-304-1970.


Matt Gilbert

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