Zuma Office Supplies Has Been Acquired by Jacob Walker and Mason Wells

Zuma Office Supplies Has Been Acquired by Jacob Walker and Mason Wells

October 23, 2023

Houston, Tx - (October 23, 2023) Gilbert & Pardue (GaP) is proud to have advised Jacob Walker and Mason Wells in their acquisition of Zuma Office Products.


About Zuma Office Products

Zuma Office Products is an online office supplies superstore with personal service, a quick and easy-to-use website, and prices guaranteed to meet or beat the office products giants. 

Zuma opened in December 2009 with the mission to give back to others and do business the right way. The founder was in the office supply industry over 25 years with some of the world´s largest office products companies.

After years of dealing with Big Box chains, loose ethics and corporate red tape, a vision of building a business that makes a difference took shape. And so, Zuma was created, inspired by the principles of the founder’sfaith as the business model, to offer an alternative to today’s office supply stores.
Zuma believes giving back to the community is the right way to do business, so they donate half their annual net profits at a minimum to great charities. The Founder was quoted as saying “It inspires us about selling paper clips and rubber bands for a living, and we thank you for being part of our journey.” 

About Jacob Walker and Mason Wells

Hard working and principled, Mr. Jacob Walker and Mr. Mason Wells set their sights on purchasing Zuma based on the core values of the organization of “Doing Good Work”. They plan to continue to work with GaP to fulfill their future goals of principled acquisitions.

Brett Moyer of Moyer Lewis, LLP. was lead counsel for Messrs. Walker & Mr. Wells, and was pivotal in getting this deal across the finish line.

Matt Gilbert of GaP expertly advised and guided Mr. Walker and Mr. Wells throughout the acquisition process of Zuma Office Supplies, and continues to enjoy a fruitful working relationship with the gentlemen.

Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors

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