The Intensity of Negotiation

Chad Schmidt, Founder of TimoloGC, and Matt Gilbert, Principal of GaP Business Advisors, discuss intensity of a negotiation

[00:08] MATT GILBERT: So much of this is conflict, right, it's negotiating difficult subjects, it's talking about mostly the bad things and not necessarily the great things about your business to get to a de-risking environment where a transaction can be done. So one of the things a good broker, good intermediary, a good representative will do is they'll wear that black hat and and they'll take those bullets and they will shield you from a lot of this ugly talk.

[00:46] MATT GILBERT: So first you get to closing, and after closing when you and your buyer have to work together for training and transition and handoff and future- you don't hate each other, right. So part of my job as a representative is to get you into that environment in such a way that you're able to have a decent relationship with your buyer and you guys just don't hate each other because of the intensity of the negotiations and that's very real. That's very real.

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