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Emma Kirchhofer

Director of Transaction Support

19+ years in strategy, operations, and marketing

Experience in manufacturing, oil & gas upstream/downstream, and consulting

M.B.A. with B.S. in Engineering

Emma Kirchhofer is Director of Strategy & Transaction Support for Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors (GaP). She possesses exceptional talent for managing projects, processes, and operations along with analyzing and interpreting data. These skills, along with her prior experience in strategy and marketing roles, enable her to generate ideas that improve companies’ financial situations and strategic positions.

At GaP, Ms. Kirchhofer works closely with sell-side business owners to create marketing documents that will attract the attention of potential buyers through the identification of growth opportunities, the highlighting of company strengths, and the “story” of the business itself. In addition, she manages all information flow during deal due diligence. Emma’s strong interpersonal skills complement her attention to detail and serve as an asset when working with sellers, buyers, and advisors.

Prior to GaP, Ms. Kirchhofer worked for a privately-held manufacturing company where she built the tax function from scratch and developed relationships with outside tax advisors who possessed adequate international expertise to address the company’s needs. In addition, she helped the company improve their annual budgeting process by ensuring consistent forecasting across domestic and international divisions. This tax and accounting experience offered Emma the ability to demonstrate her attention to detail while drawing sound conclusions from financial data.

After earning a graduate business degree, Ms. Kirchhofer spent several years as a senior analyst in planning, strategy, and marketing roles within the refining/marketing/chemicals arm of Shell Oil Company. Along with evaluating acquisitions, she proposed and implemented business improvements using market research data and other statistics. During these years, Emma honed her strategy talents by defining and developing many ideas to expand Shell’s gasoline market share and to increase convenience store revenue while understanding customer behavior and the value of the Shell brand. Emma began her career with Exxon Company, USA (now ExxonMobil) as a project engineer where she improved processes and profits and managed CapEX and expense spending for oilfield production facilities.  

Ms. Kirchhofer holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. When not busy assisting GaP clients, she loves spending time with her family, often serving as the detailed vacation and entertainment planner. Emma’s current community efforts involve serving as a Guild Member and volunteer for Literacy Now (formerly Making It Better), a non-profit that is on the front lines of transforming the lives of Houston’s underserved and at-risk children and their families through critical literacy, leadership, and life skills programming.


Emma Kirchhofer