Congratulations to Equerry Corp!

Congratulations to Equerry Corp!

Matt Gilbert

March 29, 2018

Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors (GaP) would like to congratulate Equerry Corp on their recent growth and one-year anniversary of the acquisition of SNR Technologies. GaP served as the transaction advisor to both buyer and seller in this win-win deal which closed in March 2017.

Equerry Corp had been searching for a business to purchase through conventional listings and websites. Having no success on their own, they partnered with GaP in 2016 to assist in the search, which shifted focus to identifying businesses which had not yet been listed for sale.  

Through SNR Technologies, Equerry Corp is a specialty chemical and solutions provider to local, state, and federal government entities that manage drinking water plants and processes. In addition, they service commercial customers that treat their own campus waters. Founded by an industry veteran, SNR had been in business for well over a decade when the owner decided to retire and exit the business in mid-to-late 2016.

GaP was able to realize synergies between the two parties and worked for several months in late 2016 and early 2017 to close the deal. As part of the purchase terms, the seller was required to train the buyer and was also incentivized to onboard new clients to reach a goal of doubling revenue. Revenue targets were achieved and both parties have been pleased with the outcome. GaP’s ability to match the specific needs of buyer and seller provided for an effective transition and positioned the buyer for success.

Gilbert and Pardue has deep expertise in ownership transition of lower-middle and middle market companies. We take the time to get to know our clients and their wants and needs. Our customized approach, which goes above and beyond that of other advisors, works toward satisfaction for all involved parties before, during, and after a deal is done.

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